Customs & Excise information

Applying for a Permit to Import a Vehicle into Namibia

Who is Not Eligible

The following individuals are not eligible for the rebate on import duties for motor vehicles:

Documents Required

The following documentation must be produced to your clearing agent/Customs for clearance of the vehicle in Namibia:

Disposal of Vehicles Imported under Rebate Item 407.04

Vehicles imported under the provisions of rebate item 407.04 cannot be offered, advertised, loaned, hired, leased, pledged, given away, exchanged, sold, or otherwise disposed of within a period of 20 months from the date they are cleared by Namibian Customs.

If you wish to dispose of the vehicle within 20 months of the clearance date, you must obtain prior permission from the Commissioner for Customs & Excise.

Absence from Namibia

For the purposes of rebate item 407.04, if an importer is absent from Namibia for a continuous period exceeding three months from the place where the vehicle is typically used, they will be deemed not to have imported the vehicle for their own personal use. In this case, the duty determined by the Commissioner for Customs & Excise will be payable from the date of such absence.

Important Note

The rebate provisions and Value Added Tax (VAT) rate are subject to change. To avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended that you confirm the latest information with the Commissioner for Customs & Excise, Section: Technical Control before shipping a vehicle to Namibia.

Here is the contact information for the Commissioner for Customs & Excise, Section: Technical Control: