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This website is an indispensable tool in the Mission’s quest to enhance the free flow of information and knowledge about our country, its people, the limitless tourism, trade and investment potential and various services offered by the Mission to Namibians foreign nationals and public institutions in the UK and beyond. The website further provides links to key public and private sector institutions, local media houses, academia and many others for those who want to find out more about Namibia.

The Mission is particularly keen to further cultivate people-to-people exchanges, enhancing Foreign Direct Investment inflows, attract a greater number of visitors to our country and develop its human resource capacity; all with a view to improving the socio-economic conditions of our people.

This website, can only provide a glimpse of what Namibia has to offer, and I would thus encourage you to use it as your gateway to Namibia. I take this opportunity to invite you to come to our country to experience the land of wide open spaces and contrasting beauty. Come and enjoy Namibia’s many areas of outstanding natural beauty and other sites of importance for nature and wildlife conservation. Whether you are a tourist seeking natural splendour or a potential investor seeking rewarding opportunities in a diversifying economy, Namibia will not only provide you with all your needs, but will be a destination that will truly be unforgettable.

Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in NAMIBIA.


Steve Vemunavi Katjiuanjo                                                                                                     High Commissioner


The High Commissioner

His Excellency Steve Vemunavi KATJIUANJO took up the position of the High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland in September 2013. 

He was educated in South Africa, holds 2 Bachelor degrees in African Economic History and Industrial Sociology from University of Cape Town in 1991. He also holds a Master degree in Public Policy and Administration from the Institute of Social Studies, Hague, and The Netherlands.

Prior to taking up the post of the High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, he served with the Government of Namibia since 1997 up till recently. First,  in his capacity as the Deputy Secretary and later as the Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer to the Office of Prime Minister, Ministry of Justice and later with the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture.

He has held board memberships of a number of Government parastatals and public organisations, which included (i) Centre for Public Service Training at the University of Namibia (ii) Tender Board of Namibia (iii) Steering  Committee of the Namibia Institute of Public Administration.



Diplomatic Staff

Mr. George Tshatumbu
Minister Counsellor (IMO)

Mr. Erastus Ndeyapo Hailwa
Second Secretary

Ms. Ruth Kangwiya
Second Secretary (Administration & Finance)

Ms. Leticia Strauss
Third Secretary
Office of the High Commissioner

Local Staff

Mrs. Jean Daka

Mr. Lawerence Pederson 

Mrs. Rukiya Ali-Said

Mr. Chrispin Mbuthia

Mr. Eshete Meried

Mrs. Genesia Muvangua 

Ms. Melita Mayo

Mrs. Rosemary Katele

Ms. Nishara Kaluarachchi


Honorary Consuls


Mr. Eric Fenech Pace Sr.
15 Republic Street
Valletta VLT1110
Tel: +356 21244847/21224104
Fax: +356 21224171
Email: efp@colliswiliams.com



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