A warm welcome to the offical website of the High Commission of the Republic of Namibia in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Mission is concurrently accredited to Greece, Ireland and Malta, as well as covering London-based Multilateral organisations.


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VISAS - To the United Kingdom



ADDRESS: Mozart Square, Unit 03, 4-8 Jackson Kaujeua Street, Windhoek, Namibia




Chancery Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9:00 to 17:00)

Visa/Passport & ID Opening Times: Monday - Thursday (09:00 - 12:00) 

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High Commission

The Mission assists Namibian Citizens living in the UK who require services such as: applications for renewal of passports, duplicate ID, birth certificates and certification of registration for Namibian citizenship by descent

It also serves UK Citizens and other foreign nationals, for example in providing visa services

Namibian Citizens Foreign Nationals

Travel & Tourism

Over the years Namibia has become a popular destination for tourists from the UK and beyond. Many hearts and minds continue to be enthralled by this land of compelling natural wonders, unique variety of wildlife, contrasting beautiful scenery, abundant sunshine and wide open spaces not to mention the cultural diversity and hospitality accustomed to its people. 

Visitors are engulfed by a sheer sense of freedom generated by wide and breathtaking horizons, the bluest of skies and a population density which ranks among the lowest in the world. Respectively, Namibia’s capital Windhoek has been voted many-a-time as the cleanest city on the continent.

Trade & Investment

Namibia recognises the crucial role foreign direct investment plays in stimulating economic growth, wealth creation and poverty reduction. For this reason, the High Commission’s main task is to promote inward investment into Namibia and to foster two-way trade. To this end, the High Commission collaborates closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Namibia and the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other players in the industry to meet your trade and investment needs.

Whether you wish to invest in Namibia, or are simply looking for investment opportunities, or wish to develop strategic partnerships in Namibia, or outsource products or services, or you are looking for suppliers or manufacturers, the Mission stands ready to assist by providing you relevant information and linking you up with potential counterparts. 

Beautiful Namibia


The various cultures, spectacular landscape and wildlife make Namibia a photographer’s dream.

Photography and Filming


Whether you set out on your own self-drive safari or join a group of like-minded travelers, Namibia is Africa's best-kept safari destination secret. In Namibia, you have the opportunity to venture into the unknown and yet be completely safe. Visitors can take in the beautiful wildlife and unique landscapes at their own pace, on their own terms.

Like nowhere else in Africa, Namibia provides the visitor the opportunity to escape stress, experience peace and freedom, sit and admire the breathtaking landscapes and reflect. From game-packed parks to the silence and spectacle of the desert, this incredible country, its landscapes, people and wildlife are waiting.

Safari and National Parks


Land, air and water-based adventures include quad biking, 4x4 trails, hiking, birding, skydiving, kayaking, windsurfing and kite boarding along the coast.

The adventures don't stop there. Getting introduced to indigenous people whose cultures are unrecognizable to most of the world, eating mushrooms as they emerge from termite mounds, being mesmerized by ancient rock art work at Twyfelfontein, Namibia's only World Heritage Site, and taking time to listen to the silence are amongst the adventures of the mind, body and soul awaiting you in Namibia.

Action and Adventure

Business in Namibia

investing in Namibia

Namibia is often described as Africa’s optimist –and with good reason. Not only does it enjoy one of the continent’s most pleasant, peaceful and politically stable environments, but also an infrastructure to rival many developed countries. 
Namibia has an abundance of natural resources, among them, a wide range of mineral deposits including world class diamonds and uranium, copper, lead, zinc, gold, semi-precious stones, industrial minerals, salt and fluorspar.

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Trade between UK and Namibia

The export of  Namibian goods to the UK was estimated at N$1 billion with imports from the UK valued at N$983 million in 2014. Trade between the two countries is steadily growing.


More about Trade between UK and Namibia

setting up Business in Namibia

The mission of the division of the Registration of Companies and Close Corporation in the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development is to manage, regulate and facilitate the formation of business entities and to encourage investment through an appropriate legal framework and a conducive environment that ensures the flourishing of businesses. An entrepreneur in Namibia can choose from a variety of business forms to conduct business. These are the, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Companies and Close Corporations

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Services for You

Namibian Citizens

The High Commission provides various services to Namibian nationals residing in the following countries of our accreditation: Greece, Malta and the United Kingdom.

Services for Namibian Citizens

foreign nationals

The High Commisison has jurisdication for Nationals from Greece, Malta and the United Kingdom or any other national in position of a residents permit for the United Kingdom can apply for a VISA at the High Commission.

Services for Foreign Nationals

Register with the high commission

Namibian citizens outside the country may encounter difficulties or become victims of crime, accident/s, illness, death, natural/man-made disasters, civil unrest, or whose family and/or next-of-kin needed to contact them in an emergency.

By registering you assist the Embassy with to locating you during an emergency, verifying your status and liaising with your next-of-kin. Registration is voluntary and free of charge. We encourage you to consider registration as an integral part of your travel planning and security.

Registration is voluntary and free of charge.

Register with us so we can assist you

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