Land, air and water-based adventures include quadbiking, 4x4 trails, hiking, birding, skydiving, kayaking, windsurfing and kite boarding along the coast.

The adventures don't stop there. Getting introduced to indigenous people whose cultures are unrecognizable to most of the world, eating mushrooms as they emerge from termite mounds, being mesmerized by ancient rock art work at Twyfelfontein, Namibia's only World Heritage Site, and taking time to listen to the silence are amongst the adventures of the mind, body and soul awaiting you in Namibia.

Phone Lines Down

Phone Lines Down


We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone service provider. Contact us on the following:

1. Switch boards 07496784480;
2. Consular/VISA - 07496784486;
3. HC Office- 07496784493;
4. Admin/Finance - 07553074041

Phone Lines Down
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